Hello Kobito

I recently took a trip to San Francisco. (Well, if you consider August recent. I am desperately travel-deficient.) My friends and I covered a lot of ground on this trip: Dodgers-Giants game at AT&T Park, farmer's market at the Ferry Building, eats and ice cream in the Mission District, etc. But one short pitstop on our itinerary had me especially giddy. Yep, we stopped by J-town, and I perused Japanese books, stationary, and knick-knacks to my heart's content. 

While browsing around Kinokuniya, I came across Japanese artist Toshitaka Nabata's Kobito Dukan, which translates to dwarf encyclopedia. The entire book was in Japanese, but the images alone had me intrigued. The "encyclopedia" was filled with photographs and illustrations of the creepy-cute kobitos and, from what I could tell, instructions on how to find and catch them. I was instantly enamored by Nabata's quirky illustrations + awesome childlike imagination that thought the strange little world into existence. 

Apparently, kobitos are super popular in Japan - dolls, figurines, DVDs, shows, you name it. So I was pretty bummed to find out, after a google search to no avail, that in the U.S. -- they're not. After several unsuccessful scours through Japanese bookstores in LA, I was preeetty stoked to find these figurines hiding out in a market in Little Tokyo. Though the majority of people I know are physically perturbed at the sight of them, I think they're cute. Can't wait to find more! :)

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  1. i remember these little fellas! Do come up and visit again soon!