I had the strangest dream last night. I'm not normally one to jot down my dreams. I've tried to do that whole dream journal thing, but my dreams were somehow determined to remain unpublished as I'd never be able to remember them. Last night, though, I had the most vivid dream and felt the sudden urge to record it. I didn't have any paper at hand, so I grabbed my computer and turned my dreams to pixels. Mind you, I was still about 90% asleep when I typed this, so please excuse all the spelling errors.

crazyt dream  from justnow. well me adn dileep got shot for one. went to some public space andd this guy came in shooting ppl withj no rhyme or reason. dileep was bleeding a lot but i wasnt so muh/ just someminor chest pains had to wait a long time before computer ana;yses took [;ace. craziest part of drem by far was when me bro steve and dileep hopped on to the 101/110 and you couldnt see the heart of the city from far away due to fog. but once the fog cleared u could see the city in utter destruction, bui,ldings burned down and the vapor in the air tuened everything and everyone into a dust like matter. we were beginning to obliterate and all i could think was man, i havent amounted to anything yet/ ;uckily i heard steve hold his breath so me and the rest pf the car did the same. we turned around and drove back but not before seeing a sign explaining this madness. apparently from april-june this "art exhibit" was taking place that demonstrated the transiency of life. (and yeah, KILEED a bunch of people!) so nuts...

Such a strange dream. Two accounts of almost-death in one dream. Oof. With that, happy Monday! :P 


  1. haha, how fun! i love dream journals. imagine how much fun this will be to read in 5 years!

    1. haha, hopefully i'll have some happier content to record in the next five years!

  2. oh dear you know i've been having very weird yet vivid dreams myself! your dream is so strange!!! :D do you know by any means like how it means!

  3. Did I end up dying? I don't wanna die.

  4. love your sweet blog*