In Transit: Downtown

One of my resolutions this year is to use some form of public transportation at least once a month. I know one trip per month doesn't seem like much, but, hey, I'm trying to be realistic with my resolutions this year. Perks of taking public transit are obvious. Cheap, no need to search for parking, and extra snooze time. (Latter not recommended unless you're cool with waking up looking like an idiot.) For my inaugural trip, I jumped on the 91 and headed to one of my favorite spots in LA: downtown.

My first stop was 722 Figueroa in Chinatown for a Creative Mornings talk with Steven Harrington and Justin Kreitemeyer of National Forest. (Enough links in one sentence for you?) For those of you who don't know, Creative Mornings is a monthly design lecture series featuring talks from figures in various creative fields. It's free, always-inspiring, and there are donuts. Trifecta for a guaranteed good time, if you ask me. 

Steven and Justin both work independently as artists and under the Atwater Village-based design studio, National Forest. They're a couple of cool California kids with a sunny, positive design style. One memorable piece of advice they gave was to continually create uninhibited, genuine art. Someone will take notice eventually. With a collective clientele that includes Target, Urban Outfitters, Bonaroo, and Quiksilver...yeah, I'd say that's advice worth considering. 

Select works from National Forest. All images are via National Forest's website.

After some breakfast inspiration, I walked over to the Central Library to meet up with a friend who interns there. She suggested we take the docent-led Art and Architecture tour and I'm so glad we did! Got a crash course on, well, the art and architecture of the building, both pre- and post-fire. Cool library tip: ride the elevators. They're lined with catalog cards with clear glass panels that reveal different cards depending on what floor you're on. The catalog cards reflect the content of the books in the floor you're on!

I recommend going to either of these events. The next Creative Mornings is in March featuring a really awesome super cool speaker. (Yeah, okay, I totally forgot who the announced speaker is. Keep checking the site if you're interested.) But here are the times for tours at the library!

Hope you had a sweet weekend! Anyone else make resolutions this year?


  1. I like that you get involved in things you like, as opposed to just browsing blogs of interests; I want to start getting actively involved in things that interest me.

    Saludos, Joyce!

  2. I take the metro all the time so if you ever need any tips, please let me know. Love that you're blogging so much, keep it up!

    P.S. Love that library, I worked there for 6 years.

    1. Thanks Natalie,you're the sweetest! And I would freaking LOVE to work downtown. I bet you know all the good lunch spots around there. What did you do at the library?