Oo-Kook Korean BBQ, Koreatown

Food blogging is not likely in my foreseeable future. I love love love food blogs, but my first instinct is to reach for the fork, not the camera. While I will rightly leave the food photography to the pros, I still want to share some tasty finds on this blog. So, give me a pat on the back as I've managed to snap some pre-grub shots of a dish you must try.

I know the place is called Oo-Kook Korean BBQ, but the thing you have to try is the kalbi tang - a slow simmered beef short-rib soup. The soup comes out in a huge hot stone bowl. Sweep aside the curtain of green onions (yum) and you'll find hefty chunks of tender short rib and glass noodles. I'll teach you how I personally devour this dish. Step 1: cut a hole in a...just kidding. I like to first set aside the pieces of short rib on a separate plate. You have to dip the short rib in the soy sauce/sesame oil/vinegar mixture they give you. That way your taste buds can tango between the tanginess of the dipped meat and the richness of the soup. IT'S AMAZING, I'm telling you. Eat with rice and kimchi, and you will be a happy kid. 

Good on a cold day. Good on a hot day. I've tried it during high and low temps; result is always a happy stomach. (But then again, I've never been one to let weather steer my eating choices). Tip: the kalbi tang is priced at $7.99 during their lunch special hours: Monday-Friday, 11AM-2:30PM. No excuse to not get some good food on the cheap!


  1. i lahv your bloggg. this is obviously my favorite post right now.

  2. oh God. if i have a weakness. it is totally korean bbq. but your kalbitang looks so eatable right now i could die

  3. this is a fantastic post!


  4. Love that you're food blogging! Everyone always tells me about this spot so I definitely need to check it out now.