Wicked Weekend

I finally got to see Wicked this past Friday at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. I wish I could say that I left in my usual musical-induced state - singing & dancing & elated - but with the ridiculous amount of hype the show has accumulated, my expectations had amounted to equally ridiculous proportions. Don't get me wrong, the show was amazing. (I'm listening to "What Is This Feeling" as I type. Heh.) But tell me rave reviews about anything, and I'm doomed to deem it mediocre. It's an annoying tendency, really. I did have a lovely time though. Good story, good music, and as with most ventures, good food! Ended the night with some bomb tacos from Tacos Arizas in Echo Park. Can't go wrong with lengua and tripas in my book!

Woke up early the next morning to go on my first walk with Bob Inman and his posse of LA stairway fiends. Bob has written A Guide To The Public Stairways of Los Angeles and organizes frequent walks throughout LA. On Saturday, we met in Little Tokyo and ventured east to (a less-than-ventured area for me, personally) Boyle Heights. Throughout the walk, Bob would feed us some interesting history about the area. (Like Boyle Heights was a predominantly wealthy, Jewish area in the early 1900's? News to me.) Our walk totaled ten miles. It felt so good to go on a nice, long stroll. I love going on long treks and it is definitely something I plan to keep doing this year. Looking forward to the next walk in Eagle Rock! If the crowd is anything like the one I joined, they will be friendly, enthusiastic, and well-equipped with snacks. (I'm coming prepared next time. Thanks to the kind fellow who shared his dried pineapples!)

(Photo credit: Steve Saldivar, link)
Bob Inman
David Kipen of Libros Schmibros, an awesome book-lending library in Boyle Heights
All in all, a nice first weekend of 2012. Hope yours was lovely as well!

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