Broski & Bukowski

Guess who is the owner of a newly acquired Macbook Air? (Hint: See girl in photo.) My brother surprised me this past weekend by gifting me his good-as-new laptop. Uh, how lucky am I? I'm still only toe-deep in exploring graphic design, but my brother wanted to make sure that I'm well-equipped on my creative whereabouts. He is likely the most supportive person I know when it comes to my artsy inclinations. Thank you x a million, broski!

the creative act by charles bukowski

for the broken egg on the floor
for the 5th of july
for the fish in the tank
for the old man in room 9
for the cat on the fence

for yourself

not for fame
not for money

you've got to keep chopping

as you get older 
the glamour recedes

it's easier when you're young
anybody can rise to the heights now and then

the buzzword is 

anything that keeps it 

this life dancing in front of
Mrs. Death

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