One Of Those Days

I was feeling pretty blue today. Just one of those lingering moods that you just want to shake off, you know? Well, one thing a crummy mood is good for (but not really) -- it sure knows how to shop. Here's some swag I picked up today:

Started the day off with a maple bacon biscuit. (Pretty much letting Jonathan Gold navigate my appetite lately.)

Picked up these cute (and cheap!) cups from Marukai. I've developed a recent obsession with teacups and glassware. Yay, grandma tendencies.

How cute is this lip balm? I literally just bought a Baby Lips yesterday, but I couldn't resist this adorable packaging! By the way, it was a hunt to find some Baby Lips. I wanted to try it after first seeing it on Field Guided. I definitely didn't expect it to be so difficult to find. It seems like drugstores are finally restocking it, but I walked out of a lot of Targets and Rite Aids with a grumbly face and stubborn determination to find this dang lip balm. (I ended up getting the Cherry Me shade. I really like it!)

Finally stopped by Myrtle in Echo Park. And finally got a Field Guided tote. Hardest part was deciding which one I wanted. I've been eyeing the "There is thunder in our hearts" tote for quite a while now, but I decided on this one with an equally romantic quote. Whitney, the adorable shop owner, said this bag is her fave since it reminds her of this song from Sleeping Beauty. I've been humming it all afternoon.

Hope you all are having a good week so far. Anyone else feel the need to do something extra fun tomorrow since it's leap day?

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