Weekend Recap

1) Brunch, tea, and catch-up at Royal-T in Culver City. Love the royal milk tea here.
2) Special lecture at LACMA by Anne Marie O'Conner about her book, Lady in Gold. I love Gustav Klimt, so I was super excited to get a little backstory on his paintings. Average age in the room was definitely around mid-sixties. I think I gravitate towards the kinds of events that interest the old folk though. Grandma at heart. (Source)
3) Twenty-something mile bike ride to and through the LA River Greenway trail. I was on a hunt to spot a mural, but it turns out that it's on a street adjacent to the trail, not on the actual trail itself. Pre-iPhone days? Still living it.
4) Jade noodles at Sapp's Coffee Shop in Hollywood. I know they're known for their boat noodles, but this dish has duck, barbecue pork, and crab meat in it. How could I resist that combo? Food was good, filling, and cheap. Plus, no need to be pessimistic about the service cause our water glasses never reached half-empty.

Hope you had a nice long weekend!


  1. I need to get my ass to Sapp's Coffee Shop!

  2. Haha, I am totally an old lady at heart. Did you see that Being Quirky skit on SNL? My boyfriend likes to tease me that my soul was born in 1901.

    Also, awesome bike ride. I need a bike already! Especially with gas prices projected to be $5 by memorial day!

    1. I did see that skit, but I totally forgot about that line. Haha! And oof, not excited about those gas prices. I used to bike a lot when I lived in San Diego, but not so much now that I'm in LA. :/ Tryna change that! Here's the trail I went on in case you get a bike soon!