1/ Le Mont Saint Michel Striped Top from Madewell
2/ Double Dipped Rope Necklace by Tanya Aguiniga from Sight Unseen
3 / "Enjoy Everything" Camera Bag from Korean eBay shop
4 / Baggu Leather in Apricot
5 / Porcelain Origami Heart Pin by Alyson Iwamoto
6 / Illesteva Leonard from The Supply Room

Since popping into a few local shops (Myrtle in Echo Park, Individual Medley in Atwater Village, and Broome Street General Store in Silver Lake), I've been thinking more and more about how I'd like to shop less (and less) at large chain stores. Supporting independent stores and designers is now a shopping priority! Granted, prices may sometimes be steeper, so I guess that means less shopping for me. Less crap and more unique, quality pieces. Seems like a good tradeoff, no? (By the way, after ogling it online for far too long, I finally saw the Baggu Leather in person today. Buttery leather goodness. I sense a splurge happening soon.)


  1. LOVE the Baggu tote.

    Also totally in love with your blog, Joyce. Keep 'em coming! :)

  2. That camera bag is adorable and I'm totally digging those shades. Great wish list :)

  3. I've definitely been pining for the leather baggu bag. My goal is to shop/eat primarily local and support small business, which isn't so hard when you don't have money to spend on things ;) But this past weekend I caved and bought a forever 21 top :(