Oaxacan Quesadilla Cart, Echo Park

I tried writing this post last night, but I was a bit sleep deprived. The struggle to produce a sentence proved too much for my sleepy self. So, blogging on my lunch break! Last week I finally got to try the Oaxacan Quesadilla Cart in Echo Park (on Echo Park Avenue, just a few steps south of Sunset). After trawling Yelp reviews, I learned that the Quesadilla lady can be quite elusive. So, after turning the corner on Sunset, I was pretty stoked to see this rainbow-colored beacon of blue corn quesadillas.

She was set up right next to a cart serving bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Double fist that lunch if you feel so inclined. I had my heart set on the quesadillas, though. We split three - chicken, chicharrones, and squash blossom. Call me boring, but the chicken flavor was actually my favorite. The chicken was tender and the marinade was super tasty with the blue corn tortillas. I'm a save the best for last type girl, so I was kinda bummed that it was the first one I tried. Make sure you sprinkle on plenty of cilantro, onions, and cheese! 

Tortillas are made fresh to order with blue corn masa dough. Homegirl has crazy heat-resistant hands. 

Above are the chicken and chicharrones. Not pictured is the not-so-photogenic squash blossom.

Also, who knew this existed?! I thought I had just grabbed a regular 'ol orange soda, but mandarin! Yum. Jarritos, you get it right.

Quesadillas are three bucks each. One reviewer noted that she is set up on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and some Saturdays from 11-6ish. Check this place out for a cheap, delicious meal!


  1. Joyce I love your blog! It's so beautiful and your photography is gorgeous. I will definitely be visiting it often. (This is Leandra by the way)

    1. Hi Leandra! :) Aw, I would hardly call my photography gorgeous, but thank you so much! And I perused your blog. You are too cool! Not too mention your home is lovely.

  2. The fresh blue corn tortilla alone looks amazing! Was curious what the squash blossom would look like, but I guess I have to go and find out myself :)

  3. Heh, sorry. :) It was really wet and drippy. I thought it'd be my most favorite, but it was actually my least. :T

  4. Yes love love love!!! Obsessed with those Jaritos drinks... too good.

  5. You gotta take me there when I come down to visit :D

    Se ve delicioso.