Weekend Recap

Walking past some Echo Park homes today, I spotted the above scene in one front yard. I thought to myself, well that's a familiar sight. Stuffed animal depiction of yours truly this past weekend. I was hit full-force by a sneaky little bug that had been masquerading as spring allergies. Wish I could've included a(nother) Dodger game and Ciclavia in this recap, but my original plans were nixed for a weekend in bed. When I wasn't face-planted in my sheets, my time was spent with the following:

1) Magazines! I've seen countless blogs raving about Kinfolk and Uppercase, but I've only recently picked up a copy of the two. Kinfolk may very well be my new favorite magazine. I'm really taking my time with this issue so I can savor each piece!
2) Nyquil shots chased with orange juice. Who's jealous of my Friday night?!
3) Impromptu Band of Brothers marathon. Didn't realize how many random cameos there were in this series.
4) Snuggle time with my Rileykins. I required a four layer minimum in clothing this weekend, one of which was a makeshift Snuggie cape. If what you're picturing in your mind is anything short of ridiculous, you are deeply mistaken, my friend.

Hope your weekend was more exciting than mine. (I don't doubt it.) I'm plenty rested, but still feeling a little under the weather. Can't wait til I'm back to my usual self!

*Edit: Man. I just found out that the next Ciclavia is scheduled for October 14th, 2012. Grumble.


  1. Hope you're feeling better! I'll have to go find myself a copy of both magazines, they look great.

    1. Thanks, Ami! I'm finallyy feeling better. And Anthropologie is upping their magazine game. I got 'em both there. :)