Hollywood Farmer's Market

The Hollywood Farmer's Market happens every Sunday from 8AM-1PM on Ivar and Selma in Hollywood. This market is huge (probably the largest in LA?) and chock full of awesome food, farmers, and vendors. I went this past Sunday and filled up on agua fresca and fruit samples. (It's kind of ridiculous how good strawberries are right now.) Definitely a great way to spend a Sunday morning. Check it out if you haven't been yet!

My friend was distracted by all the cute babies roaming around the market. I honestly don't recall seeing one cause I had my sights on some other kinds of babes...

Baby Haas avocados. I bought a couple, but they're not ripe yet. Really hoping that I don't cut it open and  find that it's all seed.

Baby goats. One-day-old baby goats, to be exact.

Baby plants.

Baby carrots. They do exist!

P.S. Cara Cara oranges. Do it.


  1. jealous u got to pet baby goats!

  2. Daaang! Baby everythings! Looks wondrous.