I'm peacing out to Santa Barbara for a quick weekend getaway. This trip could not have been more perfectly timed. May has been a tough month, but it's beginning to look up...starting with this trip! I've already planned a rough itinerary. And let's be real, by itinerary I really mean menu. I'm enforcing a no-vegan-on-vacation rule for myself, so lend me your recommendations, friends. I won't discriminate. ;) 


  1. This is late, but every time I go to Santa Barbara I make a point to visit Renaud's Patisserie. They have a chocolate tart that they garnish with hazelnuts that is amazing. Hope you had fun!

    1. Aw man, I forgot to check out Renaud's. I had it written down and everything. I did have my fill of Danish pastries in Solvang though...