Fashion is Weird

1 / Monitaly Vacation Shirt
2 / Super sunglasses
3 / Dream Collective Eye Dazzler Collar
4 / Birkenstock Arizona
5 / Baggu leather

A guy popped into the Poketo store today wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Birkenstocks. Yeah, I know.  Not exactly the first (or second, or third...) articles of clothing the mind grabs when picturing a paragon of fashion. But just trust me when I say that this kid had style for days. Still kinda regret not getting over my sheepish self to snap his photo. After the dude made his exit, my coworker and I commented on how Birkenstocks have unexpectedly (and instantaneously) made their debut onto both of our wish lists. This quote from Mean Girls captures the whole scenario perfectly:

"I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops."

...and so the ever-growing wish list ever grows. 

P.S. Mean Girls quotes are welcome daily in my life. Fact.

Edit: Popped into Mohawk today and tried on the Monitaly shirt. Definitely not cool enough to pull off this look.

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  1. I think you are COOL ENOUGH to pull it off. Also, I have that black sack but by Jil Sander and I love it. Oh, at Matchbox Kitchen can rock a mean pair of Birkenstocks. P.S. Getting your RAD email tomorrow!