On 13.1 Miles

I did the LA Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon this past weekend. Stoked (and incredibly shocked) to say that I was able to run the entire thang. I did the LA Marathon a few years ago (a decision hastily made in the remaining minutes of an ending year), but I was ill-prepared since I neglected my training. With this race, I intended to properly train and stick to a running schedule. Well, old habits die hard cause thaaat sure didn't happen. I was pretty much the epitome of unprepared, but I somehow pulled through. I would always gawk at people who'd say things like "The first ten miles were a breeze," but I was one of those crazies this past weekend.  Not sure what to attribute it to... the fact that I arrived to the race an hour and a half late & subsequent fear of getting curbed, the eighties cover bands freckled throughout the course, or the inane amounts of Häagen-Dazs consumed the night prior. Whatever it was, the race turned out to be something I never expected it to be: pretty darn fun. 

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