Sunday Funday

Please excuse my absence these past few weeks? months? No doubt I've been neglecting this here blog. Can't say I didn't warn you, though. (Refer to inaugural blog post title). I've been keeping a little too busy for my liking with a six-day-a-week work load. I must admit to feeling a bit like that proverbial Jack these days; all work and no play indeed makes a dull me. In a way to remedy this, I'm trying to be more present in the everyday. Not entirely sure how to accomplish this, honestly. I just know I spend a lot of the workweek conjuring up plans for my cherished day off, rather than fully enjoying and contributing to an otherwise seizable day. As for my wanderlust? Temporarily appeasing that with regular and equal parts doses of Henry Miller and olfactory indulgence, courtesy of Juniper Ridge. Big Sur, I'm coming for you.

Some snapshots of the ways I mentally exhale...

L: Adrian Tomine at Skylight! It was such a treat to hear him speak. He shared backstory on some of his illustrations from New York Drawings, divulged some funny anecdotes, and offered nuggets of wisdom -- all in the most thoughtful, least pretentious way. Quite a guy. 

R: My pick for favorite Beatrice Valenzuelas rotates pretty regularly, but I think I'm dead set on these Botines from Platform. Great shoes, great shop.

L: My first semi-successful attempt at artisan bread! Building up to the scares-the-crap-out-of-me Tartine Country Loaf recipe.

R: Caught the Gustav Klimt exhibit at the Getty just in time. Incredible, incredible, incredible. I think this is gonna be a regular museum accessory for me. Love the mini art history lesson.

L: Big Sur and Juniper Ridge have stolen my heart. 

R: Some goodies I picked up this past weekend from Levi's Malibu and Broome Street General Store. Both shops I would not mind living in.

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