General Rules on Lettering, No. 2

Do not allow the eye to dwell on that which is inartistic; for, just as truly as "evil associations corrupt good manners," just so surely does association of the eye with that which is out of proportion, distorted, or irregular, leave an impression which is lasting in its effect on, and by no means easy to dispel from, the mind.

An exceptional excerpt from Elements of Lettering & Sign Painting prepared for the students of The International Correspondence Schools. Something I definitely need to keep in mind.


AIDS/LifeCycle Ride

Donation postcard I designed & screen printed.
I'll be participating in the AIDS/LifeCycle ride this June 2-8. You can read more about it here. I'd love your support!


Travel: Big Sur, CA

Ended 2012 with a trip north to Big Sur. A trip that made me incredibly grateful to live in California. And one that definitely affirmed a goal of more travel & prolonged moments in nature in this new year. Some snapshots, below. Happy beginnings to a new year!


Sipping tea and listening to Mumford & Sons was the best sick decision I made. A reinterpreted childhood classic to cure the cabin fever. 



Kate Mulleavy, On Reading

The two times in my life when I transformed into a voracious reader was when I discovered the writings of Roald Dahl and Haruki Murakami. Currently reading The Elephant Vanishes (a collection of Murakami's short stories, including this one) to renew the reader and compassionate being within me. Thanks for the insight, Ms. Mulleavy.


Everlane Silk & Sips

I was invited to Everlane's Silk & Sips event at their LA office last Thursday. A sartorial soiree where we were able to try on the brand's newly launched Silk Blouses (and sip on champagne and cider between changes). If you're not familiar with the brand, Everlane is a basics line that refuses the retail rule of ridiculous mark-ups. They simply offer great pieces at prices that are equally so. (Read more here). Since they're solely an online retailer at the moment, I've only admired their branding & pieces through digital doorways. But let me tell you, since I've played dress-up in their duds, I now want one of everything (and in every color, at that). Sometimes basics can just look really...basic, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and detail of each piece. Silk blouse and cashmere sweater, you will soon be mine!

(Ha. Despite how I portrayed it, there were more than six people at this event, I swear.)