One Of Those Days

I was feeling pretty blue today. Just one of those lingering moods that you just want to shake off, you know? Well, one thing a crummy mood is good for (but not really) -- it sure knows how to shop. Here's some swag I picked up today:

Started the day off with a maple bacon biscuit. (Pretty much letting Jonathan Gold navigate my appetite lately.)

Picked up these cute (and cheap!) cups from Marukai. I've developed a recent obsession with teacups and glassware. Yay, grandma tendencies.

How cute is this lip balm? I literally just bought a Baby Lips yesterday, but I couldn't resist this adorable packaging! By the way, it was a hunt to find some Baby Lips. I wanted to try it after first seeing it on Field Guided. I definitely didn't expect it to be so difficult to find. It seems like drugstores are finally restocking it, but I walked out of a lot of Targets and Rite Aids with a grumbly face and stubborn determination to find this dang lip balm. (I ended up getting the Cherry Me shade. I really like it!)

Finally stopped by Myrtle in Echo Park. And finally got a Field Guided tote. Hardest part was deciding which one I wanted. I've been eyeing the "There is thunder in our hearts" tote for quite a while now, but I decided on this one with an equally romantic quote. Whitney, the adorable shop owner, said this bag is her fave since it reminds her of this song from Sleeping Beauty. I've been humming it all afternoon.

Hope you all are having a good week so far. Anyone else feel the need to do something extra fun tomorrow since it's leap day?


Washi Tape Wonderland

Gladly fell down the rabbit hole. Love this blog

(All images via dearoly)


Weekend Recap

1) Brunch, tea, and catch-up at Royal-T in Culver City. Love the royal milk tea here.
2) Special lecture at LACMA by Anne Marie O'Conner about her book, Lady in Gold. I love Gustav Klimt, so I was super excited to get a little backstory on his paintings. Average age in the room was definitely around mid-sixties. I think I gravitate towards the kinds of events that interest the old folk though. Grandma at heart. (Source)
3) Twenty-something mile bike ride to and through the LA River Greenway trail. I was on a hunt to spot a mural, but it turns out that it's on a street adjacent to the trail, not on the actual trail itself. Pre-iPhone days? Still living it.
4) Jade noodles at Sapp's Coffee Shop in Hollywood. I know they're known for their boat noodles, but this dish has duck, barbecue pork, and crab meat in it. How could I resist that combo? Food was good, filling, and cheap. Plus, no need to be pessimistic about the service cause our water glasses never reached half-empty.

Hope you had a nice long weekend!


Make: Milk Tea Boba

It's no secret that I love me some milk tea boba. Middle school fad turned current obsession, boba is something I just can't seem to pass up lately. My favorite boba spot in the city is, hands down, Four Leaf Cafe in Little Tokyo. Their boba is sweet, has the right amount of chew (and believe me, I'm picky) and their milk tea is just right. After far too many trips to Four Leaf to get my boba fix, I decided to try making some at home. 

Since there aren't too many ingredients, I didn't want to skimp on quality. I bought some of Four Leaf's loose leaf black tea, and took a cue from SF-based Boba Guys (one half of which is YMFY - super cool blog) and got Strauss Creamery milk and creamer. I bought some soy milk too cause I wanted to experiment to see which milk base I liked best. (Verdict? Three way tie.) Finding the tapioca pearls required a bit of a hunt, but I found them at a market in Alhambra. When looking for tapioca pearls, all Asian markets are not created equal. Make sure to go to a Chinese one, they'll have what you need.

I've still got a bit of perfecting to do before I get something Four Leaf-worthy, but I'm stoked that I can whip up a cup of milk tea whenever a craving strikes. (Not gonna tell you how often that is...) 

Some tips:
  • Brew the tea extra strong if using it for iced milk tea.
  • Boil boba a little longer than seems necessary. It hardens after it cools down.
  • Hate to sound all Rachael Ray, but you really can use whatever you have on hand. Use green tea instead of black, rice milk instead of creamer, agave instead of honey, etc.
P.S. If you happen to know any other good boba spots in LA, share the love! :)


The Lover's Dictionary

I have never lived anywhere but New York or New England, but there are times when I'm talking to you and I hit a southern vowel, or a word gets caught in a southern truncation, and I know it's because I'm swimming in your cadences, that you permeate my very language.

Reading through my copy of The Lover's Dictionary, I decided to dog-ear the entries that I especially liked. I plan to do this again whenever I'm in a relationship. I think it'll be interesting to compare my single lady picks to those when I'm with someone to love & get annoyed at. I like that the anecdotes and definitions in the book aren't overly sweet and saccharine. But it's Valentine's Day, so I picked a sweet one to share. Hope you have a happy Tuesday!


What's Your Rushmore?

After the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom made its way around the internet, I felt like watching some other Wes Anderson movies in wait of the upcoming film. I have a major crush on Jason Schwartzman (who doesn't?), so first on the list: Rushmore. 

Fact: I once thought Wes Anderson and Wes Craven were the same person and was thoroughly confused over this man's range of movies.


Broski & Bukowski

Guess who is the owner of a newly acquired Macbook Air? (Hint: See girl in photo.) My brother surprised me this past weekend by gifting me his good-as-new laptop. Uh, how lucky am I? I'm still only toe-deep in exploring graphic design, but my brother wanted to make sure that I'm well-equipped on my creative whereabouts. He is likely the most supportive person I know when it comes to my artsy inclinations. Thank you x a million, broski!

the creative act by charles bukowski

for the broken egg on the floor
for the 5th of july
for the fish in the tank
for the old man in room 9
for the cat on the fence

for yourself

not for fame
not for money

you've got to keep chopping

as you get older 
the glamour recedes

it's easier when you're young
anybody can rise to the heights now and then

the buzzword is 

anything that keeps it 

this life dancing in front of
Mrs. Death


Parcel Post

Twas a fun time to be my mailbox this week. I got my 2012 planner, custom made Korean name necklace, and letterpress calendar (which I won from a giveaway!) all in one week! What's in my planner for this weekend? I'm finally going to see Norwegian Wood. I've been waiting over a year for this movie to make its way to the states, so, needless to say, I'm pretty stoked! Hope you have a sweet weekend! (Note: excessive use of exclamation points irks me, but I think free calendars and long-awaited movies warrant it this time. :)