Building Block

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Can we all collectively sigh over the fact that these bags are currently sold out ever-y-where? (And that I can't really afford them anyway...?) Tokyo-based Building Block is run by sister design duo Kimberly and Nancy Wu. In an online interview, Kimberly stated that "The bags acknowledge my ideas about minimalism, luxury, honesty and humor through the use of proportion, material choices, scale, and utility." Um, homegirl, you got it right. Quirky wooden blocks, oversized tassels, perfectly minimal leather body. I'm in love. 

P.S. I've revived my never-alive-to-begin-with Pinterest account. Its singular purpose at the moment seems to be to taunt my wardrobe. Nonetheless, follow if you wish.


Debris Projected

While waiting for our food at La Super Rica Taquería, I aimlessly looked around the seating area. I didn't expect that a glance at the tarp-covered roof would warrant a double-take, let alone multiple snaps with my camera. Combine a debris-covered tarp with the gaze of a setting sun, and you get a pretty cool picture.


I'm peacing out to Santa Barbara for a quick weekend getaway. This trip could not have been more perfectly timed. May has been a tough month, but it's beginning to look up...starting with this trip! I've already planned a rough itinerary. And let's be real, by itinerary I really mean menu. I'm enforcing a no-vegan-on-vacation rule for myself, so lend me your recommendations, friends. I won't discriminate. ;) 


Hollywood Farmer's Market

The Hollywood Farmer's Market happens every Sunday from 8AM-1PM on Ivar and Selma in Hollywood. This market is huge (probably the largest in LA?) and chock full of awesome food, farmers, and vendors. I went this past Sunday and filled up on agua fresca and fruit samples. (It's kind of ridiculous how good strawberries are right now.) Definitely a great way to spend a Sunday morning. Check it out if you haven't been yet!

My friend was distracted by all the cute babies roaming around the market. I honestly don't recall seeing one cause I had my sights on some other kinds of babes...

Baby Haas avocados. I bought a couple, but they're not ripe yet. Really hoping that I don't cut it open and  find that it's all seed.

Baby goats. One-day-old baby goats, to be exact.

Baby plants.

Baby carrots. They do exist!

P.S. Cara Cara oranges. Do it.


Make: BabyCakes NYC Banana Bread

Guess what? I've been a vegan for the past couple of weeks. I was feeling really sluggish and gross, so I knew I had to change something. A few years ago, during my two year stint as a vegetarian, I tried out a vegan diet for a month. I always recall how dang good I felt that month. I ate so many vegetables, had more energy, and was kinda surprised at how easy it was. (My mom's nickname for me was "Meat Killer" for a while.) I guess I wanted to relive that nutritional nostalgia, so I'm back to a vegan diet. I'm glad to say that: I'm eating so many vegetables, have more energy, and am kinda surprised at how easy it is. I don't think this will be permanent (I mean, tacos!), but I don't plan on pulling the brakes anytime soon. It's been really nice to incorporate some healthy habits in my life. 

Well, with all that said, one of my vices is definitely breads and pastries. This week I had a hankering for something sweet and bready, so I looked to BabyCakes NYC to help satisfy my craving. Now, I am not really a believer in vegan baked goods. I'm sorry but my taste buds have simply been wronged too many times for me to get down with baked vegan desserts. But with that said, BabyCakes NYC is definitely the exception. The first time I tried their blueberry donut, my immediate thought was, "This is vegan?!" And, honestly, isn't that the highest compliment a vegan baker can receive? 

I perused their recipes and decided to try their banana bread. It's a super simple recipe and it tastes delicious. I love that there's no refined sugar in the recipe. Simply sweetened with bananas and agave nectar. This recipe is definitely ripe (ha) for adaptation. Add chocolate chips, walnuts, blueberries, etc. I think I might try using almond milk and raw agave nectar next time. I only wish that this bread would develop a crusty exterior. That was the only thing withholding the "This is vegan?!" reaction from me. Any tips?

 Combine wet & dry ingredients.
Make muffins with the extra batter!