Karen Walker

I honestly bought these Karen Walker Bunny sunglasses because they were hella cheap on Gilt. I've never seen her glasses go on sale, so I leaped (hopped?) at the chance. While I'm really lusting for some Tortoise Frame Number Ones, my wallet is thrilled over choice number two. (Slow and steady did not win this race). I was initially weirded out by how dipterous I looked, but that exact reason is why these shades are growing on me. Keep cool and stay out of the sun, little aliens.


I Win: Lazy Ox Canteen

I was always the kid who bided her time with her ice cream. The novelty for me went beyond the joy of the dessert itself; I had to be the last cone standing. I'd purposefully pace my licks to be slower than everyone else's. While my siblings would lament their haste, I'd smugly devour the last (and often, tastiest) bit of my ice cream. Childish? Absolutely. Awesome? A little bit. 

My inner child was definitely present on a recent trip to Lazy Ox Canteen. A dineLA lunch with my sister quickly turned into a game of "who ordered better." Spoiler's in the title. No need to guess who came out victorious.

I don't have the most sophisticated palette, but I trust it to identify "good," "bad," or "mediocre" when I'm trying new foods. Upon first sip of that yellow corn soup, though, my taste buds were carving out a new notch for "uhhh-mazing." That soup kind of left me dumbfounded, it was so good. Sweet, light, and oh-so-summery. Plus, my spoon would oft reveal surprises of the most satiable variety: chunks of thick cut bacon. An addition that can do no wrong, in my book. I mean...did that polenta even stand a chance? (So much for being vegan?)

Maybe it's cause the rest of our meal was in the shadow of that corn soup, but I'll preface Round Two by saying that neither dish was spectacular. (But I still won.) I ordered the Surf Clam Sandwich which came with a small order of fries and dipping sauce. (There's that poor palette again. I honestly don't know what flavor that dip/aoli/sauce was, but the only adjective I can offer you is "good.") The sandwich and fries were both solid. The brioche bun might have been my favorite part--light, fluffy and slightly sweet. I stole a few bites of my sister's Fried Jidori Hen. I thought it was good, but if you had to desert island pick one of these two dishes, go with the clam sammy.

The dineLA fixed menu at Lazy Ox only offered one dessert: Caramel Rice Pudding with an Almond Cookie Crumble. My sister is the caramel queen, and this dessert did not disappoint. After I took my first bite, I looked up to see her reaction. (Note: my sister's reactions to caramel are some of the funniest things one can witness.) From across the table, I was met with a glance I had last seen in Pixar's Ratatouille. You know that scene where the sneery food critic takes his first bite of the rat-made ratatouille? A bite which evokes a look of awe and wonderment. (That look.) Yep, that is what my sister looked like. I'm not sure what childhood nostalgia my sister was sinking into, but she managed to mouth the words "This. Caramel. Is. So. Good." before falling into burnt sugar bliss. So, yeah. She definitely won this round.

Here's to two out of three.

241 South San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-5299

P.S. I can always appreciate letterpressed branding.



Instagram, Lately.

1) Avocados the size of yo face from Atwater Village Farm.
2) Stunning hand lettered type by Peter Greco for Eat Drink Americano. (He's the guy behind ALL of these logos. Insane.)

 3) Can't. Get. Enough.
4) Stumbled upon a rehearsal performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

5) Abandoned zoo adventures.
6) Beautiful jujumade cuffs and bracelets at the Hester Street Fair.

Fashion is Weird

1 / Monitaly Vacation Shirt
2 / Super sunglasses
3 / Dream Collective Eye Dazzler Collar
4 / Birkenstock Arizona
5 / Baggu leather

A guy popped into the Poketo store today wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Birkenstocks. Yeah, I know.  Not exactly the first (or second, or third...) articles of clothing the mind grabs when picturing a paragon of fashion. But just trust me when I say that this kid had style for days. Still kinda regret not getting over my sheepish self to snap his photo. After the dude made his exit, my coworker and I commented on how Birkenstocks have unexpectedly (and instantaneously) made their debut onto both of our wish lists. This quote from Mean Girls captures the whole scenario perfectly:

"I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops."

...and so the ever-growing wish list ever grows. 

P.S. Mean Girls quotes are welcome daily in my life. Fact.

Edit: Popped into Mohawk today and tried on the Monitaly shirt. Definitely not cool enough to pull off this look.