A Deserted Birthday

I headed to the high desert with a few of my closest to celebrate my 24th. It was exactly where and how I wanted to spend my birthday. Joshua Tree is close enough where the drive wasn't terrible, but far enough that it definitely, definitely did not feel like we were in LA. If you're craving a buffet of clear skies, open land, and hella shooting stars, make your way to Joshua Tree. It's beautiful.

Per a friend's suggestion, we rented a place through airbnb. Our home away from home for the weekend was a mix of vintage, eccentric, and creepy. It might not have been creepy at all, but considering we were four girls searching for an isolated house off a precarious dirt road (in the pitch dark, no less), we might have been a bit spooked. (This was all considerably less creepy, though, than the glass-encased white dress and accompanying urn that resided in the bedroom. Yeah.) OTHER THAN THAT, the place was cute! 

Our first night was spent outdoors, high-fiving over Boddington's(!) and greedily taking in the night skies. I'd never before seen a shooting star, but that night I saw four. I also discovered that what Gene Parmesan does to Lucille Bluth, that's apparently what shooting stars do to me. Upon first sight of my very first shooting star, I made a noise that I once thought only a Gangy could make. (See here). Enough television references, here's some shots of our kooky desert abode:

After a sleepy sunrise and homemade breakfast burritos, we ventured out to see a couple of the High Desert Test Sites the next day. Behind the Bail Bonds and Noah Purifoy's Outdoor Museum, specifically. Seeing the HDTS was actually one of the main reasons I wanted to go to the desert, and (despite what my fellow desert dwellers may say) it was definitely worth the trek. Though I thought both installations were crazy cool, I have to say that Behind the Bail Bonds got me most excited. Strange and somewhat eerie, Behind the Bail Bonds is a basically a giant mirror egg (AKA two aluminum truck heads wielded together) nestled in a boulder strewn hill. I absolutely loved the contrast between the blue sky and the desert landscape. A not-at-all unusual pair, but when you alter the position of one, the effect is so. cool.

See it peeping out?

Next few pictures are a few of my favorites from the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Museum. Kooky, kooky place. (But again, crazy cool.) Not to mention, Purifoy seemed like a cool dude. Inspiring quote, coming atcha...

"I hope my work provides inspiration for a person to do today what they couldn't do yesterday, no matter what it is. That's art. That's the fundamental creative process and it's something that changes people and empowers them."

 - Noah Purifoy

J for Joyce in Joshua Tree
I really, really liked this one for some reason.
This one reminded me of Faux/real.

After our HDTS hopping (and a brief but necessary cool-down at Starbucks), we drove over to Pioneertown for dinner at Pappy & Harriet's. It's a cute, little dive-y bar/restaurant that's apparently a pitstop venue for a fair share of cool bands. I think I could've people watched all day at that joint. After dinner and a quick stroll through Cabazon, we were happily homeward bound. Til next time, Joshua Tree!


I celebrated my birthday this past weekend in Joshua Tree. The high desert is a beautiful, kooky place. 
Expect a post or two this week.