Everlane Silk & Sips

I was invited to Everlane's Silk & Sips event at their LA office last Thursday. A sartorial soiree where we were able to try on the brand's newly launched Silk Blouses (and sip on champagne and cider between changes). If you're not familiar with the brand, Everlane is a basics line that refuses the retail rule of ridiculous mark-ups. They simply offer great pieces at prices that are equally so. (Read more here). Since they're solely an online retailer at the moment, I've only admired their branding & pieces through digital doorways. But let me tell you, since I've played dress-up in their duds, I now want one of everything (and in every color, at that). Sometimes basics can just look really...basic, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and detail of each piece. Silk blouse and cashmere sweater, you will soon be mine!

(Ha. Despite how I portrayed it, there were more than six people at this event, I swear.)


Brook & Lyn Cactus Cuff

Apologies if this blog is starting to feel like a glorified Pinterest board, but I just had to share the last and latest piece from Brook & Lyn's Now in LA series. How gorgeous is this Cactus Cuff? During my senior year in college, I got to take a trip to Sonora, Mexico to study different cacti in the region. Combine my love for desert landscapes with an enthusiasm for ecology-related nerdiness -- no brainer that I'd love to own this accessory. 


A Tardy Autumn

LA finally decided to catch up with the rest of the country. Fall is here! Crossing my fingers that this crisp weather is here to stay. The snippets of autumn we've been getting for the past couple months have been such a tease. Celebrated the temp drop by buying this Ben Medansky ceramic mug today. I've got lots of tea & hot chocolate to catch up on!